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Masculine self-care

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Perfect box to spoil a man who likes to take care of himself.

Our men have been testing products to find the perfect combination for masculine self-care! This box contains our latest discoveries for men, whether they have a beard and short hair or are freshly shaved and have sensitive skin.

It's a thoughtful way to pamper your man with beautiful and good locally-made products!

We like the Masculine self-care box for :

  1. Its versatile products
  2. Its wool socks for total comfort

The Masculine self-care box includes:

Wool socks, Chandail de Loup: Mid-calf length, warm, comfortable and durable. Perfect for camping or a Netflix party! Our men's favorite pair of socks for total comfort! Size: 9 - 11.5

L'hirsute soap - freshly washed, Savonnerie des Diligences: Long, short or shaved hair, bearded or freshly shaved, hairy or not, Freshly Washed is a versatile soap, perfect for both body and hair. Its sought-after scent is earthy, woody, refreshing and seductive.

Local Organic Loofah Sponge, La fibre végétale: We love loofahs for their versatility and their exfoliating effect. If properly cared for (dried well between uses), they can last for months. They are also dishwasher and washing machine safe. Fantastic, right?

Moisturizing Body Wash, Groom: A skin-friendly, moisturizing body wash with fresh, invigorating aromas of cedar, lime and eucalyptus. Its combination of gentle, biodegradable surfactants ensures a rich lather, whether you use it by hand or with the loofah.

Jouvence Hair and Beard Shampoo, Produits Apothicaires: This rich, natural shampoo does not require conditioner. Shea butter is an emollient for the skin and intensely nourishes it. Its fragrance leaves the skin with a subtle candy scent that expresses the youthfulness of those who have kept their childlike side.

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