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Bath bomb to paint

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Bath bomb to paint, Efferv’essence

Is your child really into dinosaurs? Ours too. It'll be a real surprise when he/she unwraps this paintable bubble bath bomb!

The child will have fun painting on this cute dinosaur bath bomb, then experience the result in the bath water.


  • Tyrannosau-foam

  • Trifoam

The set includes:

  • 1 dinosaur bath bomb
  • 1 sticker of the company 3 Gamins
  • 1 brush
  • 3 cavities of coloring powder for bath products variable colors those shown on the photos are as an example.

**Rubbing alcohol is not included.

  • Don't worry, they won't stain your skin or bathtub.
  • They can also be used only once. Attempting to split the bath bomb to get multiple uses will simply destroy its integrity and effectiveness.

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Ingrédients :&nbsp;<strong>Bicarbonate de soude + acide citrique</strong><span>&nbsp;</span>action d'effervescence,&nbsp;<strong>Huile de noix de coco</strong><span>&nbsp;</span>hydratation,&nbsp;<strong>Slsa</strong><span>&nbsp;</span>produit une légère mousse crémeuse,&nbsp;<strong>Fragrance</strong><span>&nbsp;</span>parfume doucement la pièce,&nbsp;<strong>Colorant hydrosoluble</strong><span>&nbsp;</span>colore l'eau, mais pas le bain! Ingrédient de grade cosmétique.

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