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Girls night

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Turn your girls' night into a self-care session with this wonderful relaxation box!

Do you crave a pajama party with the girls and spend the night chatting, laughing and doing facials?

Or perhaps you need some me-time, a full evening of pure self-care to take your mind off things?

The Shop moi ça sisters have got you covered! Our Girls' Night Box is a wonderful gift for all the women in your life: your mom, your BFF, your friend who just graduated and needs a lot of relaxation... you name it!

One thing for sure, this is a VERY surprising box. Rumor has it that you can smell the watermelon soap bar even before opening the box!

And what about the rose face & hair mask? You've never seen a beauty product like that before. It will make you SHINE! And the Pop's dust is such a surprise as well… add a pinch to the bath, and it will turn the water a different colour every time! Pink, blue, lilac…

Want a sweet treat? You should definitely add some hot chocolate

So, are you craving a girls' night yet?

We love our Girls' Night Box because:

  1. All items are super pretty and smell incredible, the unboxing experience is truly wow, and it comes at a very affordable price!
  2. We have the biggest crush on the scrunchie! It looks incredible and it's so fashionable.

Our Girls' Night Box features:

Face & hair mask by Cocooning Love: This pink mask is a true miracle in a pretty little jar! It's soothing and refreshing, and it will restore radiance to a tired face for a healthy glow. A must-have for a proper self-care session!

Polar Bears (50g) by la Boîte à bonbons: 1% of every sale of these delicious Polar Bears candies will be donated to a polar bears protection program.

Watermelon soap by Mélo Bulle: this soap is a real treat for both your nose and skin! Slightly exfoliating, this soap is ideal for both young and mature skins! Careful though, appearances are deceiving: it looks delicious, but don't take a bite!

Hair scrunchie by KatChouchou: *many colours and styles available. Hair scrunchies are a must-have! Wear it around your wrist wherever you go and put your hair up in a second! So fashionable!

Pop's dust fizzy powder by Caprice & Co: fill your tub with warm water and add the desired amount of powder into the water! Soak it all in! What's the scent, you say? You'll see, it's a surprise!

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