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Perfect box to say thank you at a small price with practical and pretty local products.

How can you memorably thank the educator of your little one who helps her grow up well, a co-worker who always goes above and beyond to help others, or the person who babysat your furry companion during your vacation?

The WOW effect of a nice gift box is a nice way to show your gratitude!

You will not only be giving a nice box, you will also be encouraging the local economy with products that are 100% made in Canada and doing your part for the environment with a 100% eco-friendly notebook. Love it!

Enhance the box by adding a greeting card to say your thank yous or a bag of candy. A few cocooning additions to the box!

We love the Gratitude box for:

  1. Its reusable candle holder made to measure for the box
  2. Its notebook made of 100% compostable and recycled paper

The Gratitude box includes:

Eco-Responsible Notebook, Mini Space: Made from compostable paper and 100% recycled paper, for a reduced environmental impact. The lined sheets inside are themselves made from recycled milk cartons and boxes, offering maximum use of existing resources.

Wooden candle holder, La Shop AC/DC (Gatineau):
Custom made in Quebec for this box, this candle holder includes three tealight spaces.

Three (3) Soy candles Palma, Mimi & August:
Perfect size for the wooden candle holder, made from a unique blend of eucalyptus, cardamom and oak wood.

Energizing infusion in a can Grapefruit guava yerba mate, Matéina (Saint-Eustache):
Grapefruit guava, what a mix! Rox's favorite for the perfect dose of bitterness of the pink grapefruit combined with the tropical and refreshing notes of the guava. A completely thirst-quenching and slightly fruity flavor. A refreshing, non-sparkling and slightly sweet ready-to-drink.

    You will be able to include a note in a nice greeting card or add a personalized note on a Shop me card in your cart.

    Matéina Infusion:
    ✓ Infused organic Yerba Maté.
    ✓ Organic cane sugar
    ✓ Organic lemon juice concentrate
    ✓ Organic grapefruit juice concentrate
    ✓ Organic guava essence
    ✓ Natural flavor
    ✓ Organic Yerba Maté extract (leaves)
    ✓ Citric acid

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