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Moscow Mule

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Perfect box for those who like a lil freshness and sparkle for the Happy Hour.

It's sparkling, tangy, elegant and easy to drink. Here is the classic Moscow Mule! Since our box is made of 100% quality Quebec ingredients, we should have called it the Quebec Mule, right?

It contains only three ingredients (their quality makes all the difference) and can be prepared in three minutes. The perfect drink to impress your visitor or for a quiet evening on the deck, by the pool or under the stars.

Because the Moscow Mule is entirely based on the carbonation of ginger beer, we have chosen for you the top quality of what is done in Quebec.

The delicious Moscow Mule is usually served in a copper mug since copper keeps it cold and makes the drink even more sparkling! Brilliant!

We recommend adding a festive touch of something sweet with a bag of candies or maple popcorn. Looking for something saltier with your cocktail? Snack Pow Nuts will be satiating with their smoky taste.

We like the Moscow Mule box for :

  1. 100% local version of a classic and addictive cocktail, ready in 3 mins.
  2. Its ginger flavor is clean and refreshing.

The Moscow Mule box includes:

Moscow Mule 3D Cocktail, Poseidn: The 3D Lime releases a great taste of ginger and lime in the vodka. Add sparkling water to the mix and you have the perfect Moscow Mule! It's especially good cold - don't forget to add a ton of ice cream! Vegan, gluten-free, peanut-free.

Ginger Syrup, Les Charlatans: This dense, flavorful, organic version brings out the spicy side of ginger. Perfect for gin-based cocktails, this syrup will also shine when concocting an exotic rum-based drink. Of course, you can indulge yourself and pour this syrup over ice cream, with sparkling water, in cooking or baking.

Ginger Beer, 1642: A ginger beer that stimulates the taste buds with its tasty fusion of ginger, chili and cardamom. Not very sweet, it is the ideal ally to quench your thirst and to create tasty moscow mules.

Dried oranges: Dried oranges are perfect to add a zesty and festive touch to your cocktail or mocktail.

You will be able to include a note in a nice greeting card or add a personalized note on a Shop moi ça card in your cart.

Cocktail 3D Moscow Mule: Sucres (sucre, maltodextrine), Acide citrique, Gingembre, Arômes naturels, Extrait de fruit du moine, Curcuma (colorant).

Sirop de gingembre: Sucre de canne biologique, eau de source, gingembre biologique, jus de citron biologique.

Bière de gingembre: eau de source naturelle gazéifiée, sucre de canne, arômes naturels, acide citrique, colorant caramel.

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