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The perfect box for a relaxing and romantic moment.

Whether you are looking for a gift to spoil your better half or to treat yourself (helloooo self-care), this box will please for sure!

An evening in sight? It will be simple but passionate; a good bath, a fondue, a massage and some cocooning, all in here. 

Enhance your experience with a reusable candle to create an inviting atmosphere or a soft washcloth. Little favorite additions from the Shop sisters!

We love the Woman box for: 

1. Its simplicity to offer a moment to unwind as a gift

2. The way it leans towards passion but at the same time it can be a gift to a friend

The Woman box includes:

Massage Oil - Savana, La Marcotterie: Immerse your mind in the calming benefits of liquid coconut oil. This relaxing massage oil is handcrafted with purifying essential oils of bergamot, lime, lavender and benzoin.

Shower Gel with pure formulated with pure essential oils of Rosewood / Oak Moss / Patchouli Leaf, Pureliving: Re-energize your body with this refreshing body gel with neutral pH balance so you don’t have to worry about dry skin. Deep cleansing formula leaving your skin toned and healthy looking.

Pomegranate & Petals Bath Bomb, Saponaria: The perfect bath bomb for romantics! The scent of fresh pomegranate, mixed with a mysterious blend of exotic spices and a few red rose petals will ensure a romantic mood! Made with Epsom salt, grapeseed oil and white kaolin clay, it will leave skin soft and hydrated while soothing tired muscles.

Oat milk bath, Dans les bois: This bath milk is a must-have 3-in-1 for the person who wants ultimate relaxation! Instructions: Let the water run in the bath, after a few minutes add the salt directly into the flowing stream of water. Make movements in the water and you will see the foam appear!

Praline Fondue, Juliette & Chocolat: It’s not just us – everything is better dipped in chocolate, right?

We love this new praline flavour: a delicious mix of cacao and hazelnuts, like the Tartinette's taste.

Of course, you can dunk fresh fruit, but we like to dip all sorts of goodies: marshmallows, brownies, waffles, and even chocolate cake! You can also enjoy it as a spread, or simply by the spoonful!

Our artisanal fondue is easy to prepare at home – in just 20 minutes you’ll be diving into this crazy chocolate blend! Simply boil some water, add the whole fondue pot and wait 20 minutes! Then, gently stir the creamy chocolate and get whisked away by its comforting chocolaty aromas. It’s your fondue – dip anything you like!

Caramel fleur de sel chocolate bar, La Lichée: If you love chocolate and our caramel fleur de sel, you won't be able to resist our new addition. The dark chocolate bar with our creamy caramel fleur de sel. Yes, we dared!


  • Dark chocolate 45% (sugar, unsweetened chocolate, cocoa butter, soya lecithin, salt, natural vanilla flavour, skimmed milk powder)

  • Sugars (glucose, brown sugar, sweetened condensed milk, fancy molasses)

  • Butter

  • Water

  • Fleur de sel

  • Salt

Barre de chocolat au caramel fleur de sel: Chocolat noir 45% (sucre, chocolat non sucré, beurre de cacao, lécithine de soya, sel, arôme de vanille naturel, poudre de lait écrémé), Sucres (glucose, cassonade, lait condensé sucré, mélasse de fantaisie), Beurre, Eau, Fleur de sel, Sel, Lait, Soya. Peut contenir des noix.

Fondue pralinée au chocolat Praliné: Chocolat (sucres, beurre de cacao, poudre de lait entier, pâte de cacao, lécithine de soja (émulsifiant) , arôme naturel de vanille), Noisettes, Sucre, Sorbitol, Lécithine de soja, lait, soja, noisette, blé, gluten. Peut contenir : arachide et autres noix.

Huile à massage savasana: huile de coco liquide, pétales de rose, huiles essentielles de citron, de lavande et de bergamote.

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