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Chef's Special


Perfect box to introduce new gourmet products to a foodie.

The Chef's Special box is definitely a MUST for cozy meals! Perfect for enjoying and even ABUSING cookout days. Turkey already in the oven?

Brush meats and vegetables with olive oil, rub in a spice blend and your meal will amaze the family!

Roxanne suggests adding Kalamata olives or Porc Epique sausages to complement the smoky taste.

We like the Chef's Special box for :

  1. The sweet & sour taste of the unique hot sauce
  2. The festive taste of woodsy spices that go well with turkey or wild game... even brownies!

The Chef's Special Box includes:

Butcher's Block Seasonings, Kanel: Pure porcini mushrooms mingle with black peppercorns, pungent garlic and chunks of sea salt in this richly flavored butcher's blend with just the right amount of heat. But don't just call it the steak rub - because it's so much more: from roasted vegetables to grilled tofu, creamy pasta to risotto, this flavorful, all-purpose, addictive blend magically transforms any dish into gourmet bliss.

Festive Balsam Fir and Cranberry Blend, La pincée: La pincée Boisée is a lightly sweetened pepper blend, salted with Quebec cranberries and balsam fir shoots. A perfect seasoning for wild meats. It can also add originality to your starters and cocktails.

: Malabar pepper, sea salt, balsam fir and Quebec cranberries, herbs and spices, raw cane sugar. (Contains no preservatives, garlic, onions or dehydrated vegetables).

Cold Turkey Hot Sauce, La Pimenterie: A sauce made with Quebec cranberries, red Jalapeño and boreal spices. A tangy and slightly sweet sauce for lovers of this small fruit. Ideal to accompany poultry, game, cheese or simply to spice up a sandwich.

Ducharme Vegan and Gluten Free BBQ Sauce: The Ducharme family's love of barbecue and search for the perfect sauce goes back over 40 years. The sauce is hot, but not overpowering, and it's vegan and gluten-free!

Extra virgin green olive oil (first cold pressing), La belle excuse: This beautiful excuse is made from green Koroneïki olives, picked at a young age towards the end of November and pressed the same day. Thanks to its climate and the richness of its soil, the Trifilia region produces exceptional olives that give an oil of a particular flavor, with less than 0.3% acidity. This unfiltered oil naturally decants for two months, eliminating any residue harmful to cooking. La belle excuse thus offers you an extra virgin green olive oil worthy of a great vintage, which lends itself to many uses.

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