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The perfect box for those who have a spicy tooth.

We had a box in mind for a while for those who have an endless passion for hot pepper. You know, those for whom spicy is almost a way of life?

After a few tasting sessions with our spouses and friends, we are quite proud to present you the local finds that have set our taste buds on fire.

A bit hungry? So are we.

We like the Sriracha box for:

  1. Its intensity evolving from "oh it's spicy a bit" to "oh la la picante"!
  2. Its snack formula is perfect for a spicy evening in front of Netflix or to satiate the work-at-home daredevils.

The Sriracha box includes:

Sriracha Sauce 240ml, Wilfred: Fermented hot sauce made in Canada from a blend of peppers and thai chillies offering a fruity and spicy taste. Roxanne loves it on her eggs and Lissa adds it to all her Asian dishes.

Chocolate bar Special editio Roasted corn + Ghost Pepper, Avanaa: A true crush for this creation in collabo with La Pimenterie. The grilled corn and Ghost Pepper crumble is simply crazy! The ghost pepper is one of the strongest peppers in the world, but also very tasty. No worries, it's spicy but nothing that makes you cry.

Sriracha snack mix, Snack Pow: This spicy nut mix is sure to please the taste buds of spicy sauce lovers. The heat level is perfectly addictive.

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<strong>Sauce Sriracha 240ml, Wilfred</strong>: Piments, Sucre brun, Sel, Ail, Vinaigre de riz, Sorbate de Potassium, Benzoate de Sodium.<br><br><strong>Chocolat Maïs + Ghost Pepper</strong>: Cacao bio 70%, Sucre de canne bio, farine de blé, beurre, maïs rôtis, piment ghost pepper, cannelle.<br><br><strong>Mélange de grignotines Sriracha, Snack Pow</strong>: Mais, graines de citrouille, huile de soya, farine de blé enrichie, amandes, blé boulgour, graines de sésame, graines de lin, sel, assaisonnement sriracha, poudre de betterave, curcuma, saveur de fumée. Peut contenir arachides, autres noix, lait, oeufs, moutarde et sulfites.

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