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Why you should really start thinking about your corporate gifts ASAP

5 raisons pour prévoir à l'avance les cadeaux corporatifs des fêtes

Get your corporate gifts ASAP - great value at the lowest price!

December is still a couple of months away, the sun is still shining warm and bright, and here we are, talking about Christmas already…. WHYYYYYY?????

We don't mean to freak you out, and we are definitely not looking forward to the cold and the snow! However, we strongly encourage you to start thinking about your corporate Christmas gifts as soon as possible in order to have access to a wider range of items and to ensure that you get your boxes in time.

Artisans and local businesses are not robots!

We have made it our mission to always encourage and support the local economy and help artisans and small businesses across Canada. That means that we sometimes have to live with their reality: if the schools get closed down for a snow day, the parents may have to stay home instead of going to work, and that may cause a delay in the production schedule. Same thing if a machine breaks down or if they don't get their raw materials in time - they don't always have the luxury of a plan B! Sometimes things happen and they may have a direct impact on your orders. But if you get your corporate gifts early, artisans and local businesses get enough time to work on your special requests without the stress of having to meet the Holidays deadline. (Quick note for all our dear artisans and local businesses: we know how hard you work, and your efforts and dedication don't go unnoticed. We see you, and we appreciate you!)

If you want to have as many options as possible, order early and get the most unique gifts!

The earlier you start looking into it, the better your chances of having a lot of cool options to choose from! It's hard for smaller businesses to always get their raw materials on time, and qualified employees are always hard to find. But if you put your orders in early, we will have access to a much wider selection of products and we can turn them into fantastic gift boxes without having to deal with production delays. Last-minute orders get fewer options and we have fewer products to create our special boxes. Our suppliers always do their very best to send us whatever we need, but many items will be out of stock as early as November! That applies to our most popular boxes as well, such as the Brunch Box and the Foodie's Box!

Customizable gift boxes

We want every box to be special, and customizing your orders is such a fun part of our job…. but it's also very time-consuming, and we're a small team! Once we get your request for a quote, we need to prepare it and send it over. Then, once we get your confirmation, we get started with your custom design. Then we prepare the boxes, pack them tight and ship them over. That takes about 6 to 8 weeks! Trust us, it's totally worth it! Adding a custom item sporting your company's logo can add a lot of value to the gift box because it shows you care! Wanna see a couple of examples? Check out our corporate page and our selection of exclusive products!

Cadeau Remax 

Receive your gift boxes on the desired day

You're having your Christmas party on December 9th? Then your boxes need to be delivered by the 8th at the latest. Most celebrations take place sometime between mid-November and mid-December, whether in person or over Zoom, and you'd be surprised to see how quickly our calendar fills up! Since deliveries only happen during weekdays, we sometimes get as few as 20 business days to organize hundreds of orders, and some of them are hundreds of boxes each! We can handle it and we LOVE the rush, but it's important to note that we can very easily end up being fully booked for a specific day and/or week.

The takeaway being, the earlier you order, the better it is for everybody involved: the suppliers, yours truly, and above all, YOU!

Boîte cadeau Shop moi ça_Temps des fêtes

COVID and renewed interest on local products

If there is one positive consequence to this pandemic, it's that we've all realized how important it is to buy local products and encourage our small businesses. We're all making the conscious decision to buy local instead of buying from big companies. Here at Shop moi ça, we've noticed that this is also true when it comes to corporate gifts: businesses now prefer to buy local! We can only say BRAVO to that!

We've also noticed another trend: people prefer to buy online, and that's great for businesses such as ourselves who do not have a brick and mortar store. However, that comes with its own lot of challenges: our ecommerce platforms need to be ready to handle the incoming Christmas rush, and we keep our fingers crossed real tight that we have enough inventory to meet the demand! Only one way to make sure that the item you want won't be out of stock: put your order in ASAP!

Our gift boxes are the best corporate gift that you could ever find for your employees and business partners, and if you plan it in advance, the whole process will be satisfying and entirely stress-free! It's never too early to send us a message and ask for a quote! Wanna see what we can deliver? See some examples here! Your quote is a few clicks away!

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