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Sustainable development, at the 💚 of our concerns

It's great that we love shopping and creating amazing gifts, but what about our employees, the community and the planet?

These are priorities for the Shop moi ça team and we work very hard to minimize our impacts and maximize the smiles that can come from our beautiful project!

Here is a small overview of our commitments in order to make our entrepreneurial adventure, as smooth as possible.

Environment and sustainable development

We care about the environment and have embarked on a journey towards sustainable development. In concrete terms:

  • We work with suppliers to reduce packaging and encourage biodegradable packaging;
  • We reuse packaging materials from our suppliers for our shipments;
  • We reduce and recycle as much waste as possible;
  • We encourage our customers, business partners and suppliers to act with respect for the environment;
  • We favor products with natural ingredients, vegan, not tested on animals and accessible to all.
  • We consider environmental impact as a decision-making factor in selecting suppliers.
  • We encourage carpooling and public transportation on business trips.
  • We prioritize video conferencing, calls and messages to avoid unnecessary travel.
  • We offer the option of carbon neutrality when purchasing from the online store.
  • We select eco-friendly technological tools that offset carbon emissions such as Shopify et Crewdle.
  • We ensure that our employees respect our waste management efforts.

Social responsibility and community impact

We work actively and continuously to get involved with society and the community in various ways.

  • We donate our excess inventory to women's shelters and other organizations to help prevent waste. We encourage our customers to donate returned packages. 
  • We are active with the Cégep de l'Outaouais, the Université du Québec en Outaouais and with universities and colleges by offering students opportunities for internships, case studies and by acting as a jury in various competitions and college projects. 
  • We hire Ukrainian newcomers by offering them a first chance at employment and by accompanying them in their francization.
  • Every year, for one month, we join a cause by donating an amount of the sales to an NPO. In 2022, our fee was donated to the Quebec Cancer Foundation.

Diversity, inclusiveness and balance

As a woman-owned business, we believe in diversity and are committed to recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce.

As an employer, we encourage cultural and demographic diversity and do not tolerate any form of harassment.

We have adopted a supplier diversity program to promote the inclusion of small businesses, women-owned businesses, Native American businesses, and businesses led by visible minorities and LGBTQ+.

We also offer flexible schedules aimed at ensuring work-life balance for our employees.

We understand and value that a healthy mind in a healthy body is the foundation for a happy and fulfilling life.

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