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Born to shop or the sentence that changed everything.

In a group or a family, there is always someone in charge of the gifts. You know, the chief organizer? In our circle, it's my sister Rox and me, Lissa. We do like shopping (a lot). 

Finding THE gift that will really please, not the one that will gather dust, is a stress for the average person. But for us, the challenge is exhilarating, and frankly, I dare to say that we take it with flying colors. 

Naturally, we're quite (too?)aware of the latest brands, trends and novelties from Canadian artisans - those we've always favored. We have a ton of ideas in our bag to please with a personalized gift... that encourages buying local! 

It was at the end of my second maternity leave, finding that I was lacking in projects, that my husband jokingly said to me: "That's your project, your passion! Shopping for people. You should start your own gift business." At first, I found it insulting to tell me that my passion is shopping (as if nothing else matters to me!). 

But hey, I was on my way... to go shopping (yes) and my head kept spinning. I had to talk to my sister right away! I texted her, "Come over for dinner tomorrow, we need to talk, I have a project for us! 2 seconds later she texted me back, "GO, we're doing it! She didn't even know what it was yet!

Why Shop moi ça?

Because our "auntie" Sandra often told us "Shop moi ça that" meaning Shop me that in French. We thought it represented us well (hello Auntie San!).

It was in 2018 that we launched Shop moi ça, our little project turned big!

For the past 5 years, we have been growing a company that we looooove and we have... 

✔ Prepared over 22,000 gift boxes containing products from 360 local suppliers

✔ Invested over $650,000 yearly in Canadian-made products since 2020

✔ Collaborated with the best of local companies for their corporate gifts

✔ Doubled the size of our workshop

✔ Welcomed a new shareholder and extraordinary employees

✔ Won two major entrepreneurship awards

✔ Launched a lottery ticket in collaboration with Loto-Québec 

We can tell you that we're falling hard for Shop, and we hope to make you fall, too.

Our wish? To constantly and increasingly participate in the local economy to allow local entrepreneurs to make a living from their passion. And continue to put magic in our boxes and products, by making you discover the most fabulous creations of local artisans.

What does the future hold for us? Our growth potential comes from doing what we do best: adding magic to the lives of our corporate clients, customized to their own colors, for a great employer brand and business development!

That's us, your three favorite Shopaholics!

Lissa, co-owner, big sister shop and a smart strategist who's head is a little in the clouds.

Oh and, mom of 3 young girls! At Shop moi ça, moms are well catered thanks to Lissa, who also takes care of the finances, the corporate department, business strategy, project management, copywriting and much more. Phew, it's almost dizzying!

Lissa is also the one who forgets everything, everywhere. Her keys, her coffee cups. Her keys were once hidden in a box in the workshop for... 2 weeks!

Lissa's favorites?

Rox, co-owner, little sister Shop, artist and sunshine of service.

At Shop, Rox is in charge of workshop logistics, social media coverage, photography and... fun! She is the sunshine of the bunch. When she's not at work (not often), she's probably out hiking somewhere in nature.

You might also spot her perched on a table or chair, taking the best shots of our Shop moi ça gift boxes.

Rox's favorites?

Fred, co-owner (and our 3rd half), the web and eyewear have no secret for her.

Fred is the one who makes magic happen on the Internet. She is our source of expertise, data and ideas to optimize the web experience and the online store. She is our in-house graphic designer, the brain behind the structure and our infinite contact list.

You never know how Fred will look in our meetings. A shark suit? A nun's costume? A trumpet in hand? One thing's for sure: she's never without one of her 12 eyeglasses and her perfect fringe.

Fred's favorites?

We often talk about us Shop sisters, but we also have our super elves on our side.

"Look at that, all that love for Shop moi ça!" 💚

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