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EXCLUSIVE NEW FEATURE ✧ Add a video-audio message to your gift box

Send a gift message with your order (You'll record after checkout)

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10% discount applied to the cart on any order of more than 10 boxes delivered to a single address until Jan 8, 2023.

The ultimate WOW effect!

A surprise video or audio message is a meaningful complement to the gift that creates an emotional bond between you and the person you're pampering.

Once the gift has been delivered, the recipient simply scans the QR code to view their personal video or audio message. A memorable unboxing experience. 🥰

Why choose the video or audio message option? 🤔

Because nothing beats the warmth of a personal message! Whether it's laughing together, sharing a memory or just saying "I'm thinking of you", this option turns every gift into an intimate moment filled with emotion.

That's the WOW effect we promise at Shop moi ça.

How does it work?

  1. You add the "Add a video-audio message" option to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout.
  2. If you want to attach a different message for each box, identify which message goes with which box in the order notes.
  3. After payment, you'll receive an e-mail to save your video-audio message. Can't find the e-mail? It's probably in your junk folder.
  4. Our workshop team will receive confirmation of your registered message and will prepare your order, adding the pretty cardboard inside the box.
  5. The recipient of your gift will need to scan the QR code and enter the code to access their message. Hello WOW unboxing experience!

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