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The story behind the Shop

L'histoire derrière la Shop

Having a sister is something special…… it is an accomplice to mess with, it is to never be alone; but above all it is the potential to have a friend for life! In 2018, we decided to join our common passions for local shopping and beautiful gifts by launching, together, our Shop moi ça!


We have always been the ones in charge of group gifts, the girls in charge of finding the gift for the difficult cousin, for the uncle who has everything, for the pregnant colleague… yes, we are those girls! Those who go all out, those who love shopping, who always have a craftsman's reference to offer and those who love to surprise with personalized gifts.

At the end of my (2nd) maternity leave (now mother of 3 little chickens), still finding that I am missing projects and after yet another group gift mandate from our group of friends, my husband tells me joking '' That's your project, your passion! To shop for others. You should start your gift business! ’’ ... I found it almost insulting to tell me that my passion is shopping (like nothing else matters to me)! Anyway, I made my way ... to go shopping (yeah) ... and my head kept spinning! I had to talk to my sister NOW! I texted her: Sister! You come for supper tomorrow. We need to talk; I have a project for us! … 2 seconds later; she answers: GO! Let’s do it! (she didn't even know what the project was... she's the crazy one!)

Here we are, 2 years later with a company we adore and allows us to encourage a ton of our favorite companies and above all, to introduce them to others! We are overflowing with ideas, we continue to discover incredible companies and craftsmen, we highlight the products that makes us go nuts... the next logical step: THE BLOG!

... The story doesn't say..... Why “Shop moi ça” ?

(Shop moi ça means Shop this and that for me )

Good question! Quite simply because our “aunty” Sandra often told us “Shop me this, shop me that!”… It represents us so well! (Hello Aunty San!)

Good reading and above all, good discoveries!

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