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What to give a new mom? 8 gift ideas that are sure to please!

Quoi offrir à une nouvelle maman? 8 idées cadeaux qui plairont à tout coup!
As everyone knows, life is turned upside down when a baby arrives! This tiny new human suddenly becomes the center of everyone's attention, and Mom must quickly adapt to her (wonderful and challenging) new life! Here are eight gift ideas to offer comfort and a moment's pause to Mom, who has just lived through the most trying stage of her life and... her most beautiful love story!

1. Meals from a local caterer

  • Managing meals is always a challenge... add to that sleepless weeks and endless breastfeeding and bottle-feeding, and it's the perfect recipe for neglecting nutrition due to lack of time and energy. Having meals delivered to a new mom is definitely a MUST that will have a direct impact on her quality of life (and dad's). It's a simple gesture that also encourages a local caterer/restaurateur. 

    2. A visit, a break

    • A simple visit (when allowed) to check in, cradle baby for a shower and free the parents' arms to empty the dishwasher can have a big positive impact on their day. I remember these visits doing me so much good throughout my maternity leave. And there's no better “feeling” than seeing our loved ones marvel at baby as much as we do.

    3. Canadian-made wellness products

    • Offer a surprise baby-mom box or a cocooning box that lets her take time for herself. It's a gift that will always be appreciated... whether it's for the first baby or the third! Here are some examples of gift sets that can be used to :
      • Help with daytime naps with the Bras de Morphée applicator (compatible with pregnancy and breastfeeding) and a therapeutic lavender mask.
      • Energize with a crunchy granola and a coffee candle.
      • Restore color to her tired face with a lightly tinted multi-purpose balm to moisturize.
      • Gentle products from Lolo & moi that are as good for baby's routine as they are for mom's.
      • This gift box makes a great baby shower gift... a gift that stands out while being useful, it's a winner!

    4. A photo shoot with a local photographer

    • Photo shoots are becoming increasingly popular, and with good reason! It's easy to forget the evolution of our belly, baby's first hours and his cute transformation in the first weeks of life. Parents often spoil themselves with a single session (pregnancy or birth), and photo sessions are sometimes even forgotten by the 2nd and 3rd babies. Many photographers offer superb packages and mini-sessions to capture all the stages of this beautiful slice of life. A gift certificate for a photo session is a great idea! Year after year, we've opted for Sophie Grenier Photographe, who works wonders!

    Crédit photo: Sophie Grenier photographe

      5. A thalasso bath session

      • Ohhh, how I wish I could have experienced this kind of session with my daughters. The thalasso bath deserves to be known. It's a relaxing bath, given in the first few weeks of life, that makes baby feel just like he or she did in Mom's womb. More and more companies are offering this type of session in all regions of Quebec. It's a unique gift experience that will benefit both baby and parents. In the Outaouais region, we have the superb company Thalasso bain bébé Outaouais, with whom we've been lucky enough to collaborate.

      Crédit photo: Thalasso bain bébé Outaouais

        A souvenir book

        • The book (Tout petit) toi : le livre de ton enfance by M Prairie & G Godbout is a marvel that we recommend to all moms (let's face it... it's not Dad who will take the time to fill it haha)! It's a birth book that covers pregnancy through to the 12th birthday party... it's complete and perfectly illustrated in Quebec! One of the few birth books adapted to the reality of Quebec parents. It's available in individual formats, including a version for children from diverse backgrounds.

            7. A personalized book by a Canadian author

            • A personalized book with baby's name is also a wonderful gift idea for Mom. We recommend the book Coucou, me voilà by Isabelle Leblanc, which will become a must-read at bedtime.
            ''This story begins in Mom's womb. Both funny and gentle, it introduces us to baby's thoughts and recounts what he goes through from conception to his return home. In its universality, the text is punctuated by unique and magical moments that will make it a precious and personalized memory, for life!''

            Crédit photo:
            Suggestion: Include a lovely message of encouragement for mom on the first page and a little note for baby. It's a thoughtful gift that will keep mom's heart happy for years to come!

              8. Personalized jewelry made in Canada

              • What could be more meaningful than a personalized piece of jewelry that Mom can wear for years to come? My sister gave me this lovely necklace from Pease Jewelry, along with three charms with the initials of each of my chips, which I've been proudly wearing every day for almost two years.

              Crédit photo: Pease Jewelry


                We hope you enjoy our suggestions! Oh, and... mom's word (x 3), the greatest gift of all is certainly the gift of feeling heard! A simple text of encouragement can make all the difference when the day gets tough.

                Follow our blog and visit our online boutique for even more gift ideas!

                - Lissa, founder of Shop moi ça and mother of 3 little girls

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