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Sunbeam Delight

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The perfect box to brighten someone's day.

The "Sunbeam Delight" gift box is designed to bring a touch of light and sweetness, while remaining refreshing.

Designed to brighten up everyday life, it's the perfect choice to say "thank you" to that special someone - think of that exceptional teacher or someone who could use a little sunshine in a gray period. Or simply to treat yourself (because yes, you do deserve it!), this box is a guaranteed bubble of joy.

We like the Sunbeam Delight box for :

  1. A touch of sweetness that's just right for a refreshing treat.
  2. Its handmade sunshine cookie, just decadent enough to make you smile.

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So, ready to brighten someone's day with this little ray of sunshine in a box? Treat yourself, we'll take care of the rest. After all, spoiling the ones you love should always be as simple as biting into a sunny cookie, don't you think?

The Sunbeam Delight box includes :

Sunshine cookie, Meringue and confetti: Each of Vanessa's cookies is made with the utmost care and the best possible ingredients to make each bite memorable. For example, she uses only 100% Canadian unbleached organic flour and encourages local producers.

Tart vegan grapefruit and blood orange candies, Squish: A refreshing taste of grapefruit and orange with a tangy twist in bite-sized vegan citrus wedges. These gelatin-free candies generally have a firmer texture, while those containing gelatin are softer.

Chocolate bar with salt-caramel chips FDS 70g, Chocolat Boréal: A whirlwind of flavors and colors, this delicious creation combines the sweetness of milk chocolate with the richness of crisp fleur de sel caramel, all wrapped in a vibrant, colorful package that evokes the joy of indulgence.

Energizing yerba mate infusion Peach Passion, Mateina: A burst of flavor to infuse your day with tropical delights. This flavor evokes the essence of a succulent peach iced tea, with a subtle herbaceous note that makes it a unique and refreshing infusion! 130 mg caffeine derived from mate.

Spotify Feel good playlist: Receiving a Shop moi box is more than a box, it's a WOW experience! You'll find a Spotify playlist in your box to set the mood for the finds inside. Preview right here.

No invoice included in our gift boxes.

You can include a personalized video or audio message with your gift, a pre-written note or a handwritten note in a pretty greeting card or on a seasonal card in your cart.

Vegan sour grapefruit and blood orange candies, Squish: Sugars (sugar, invert sugar syrup, glucose syrup), Water, Cornstarch, Malic acid, Citric acid, Lactic acid, Sodium malate, Calcium citrate, Flavors, Natural colors (blackcurrant, black carrot, paprika extract).

Light chocolate bar with caramel chips FDS 70g, Chocolat Boréal: Contains: milk, soya, May contain: peanuts, wheat, nuts, sesame.

Energizing yerba mate infusion Peach Passion, Mateina: Infused organic yerba mate (purified water, organic brewed roasted yerba mate), Sugars (organic cane sugar, organic peach juice concentrate), Organic yerba mate extract, Organic natural flavor, Organic lemon juice concentrate, Citric acid.

A note about substitutions:

We take pride in supporting small-batch and local artisan businesses by curating our gift boxes with their unique products. Occasionally, some items may become unavailable with little notice. In such cases, if an item is unavailable when you place your order, we reserve the right to substitute it with a similar item of the same type, equal or greater in value, and as closely aligned with your original choice as possible. Rest assured, we only make substitutions that meet our exceptionally high design standards for quality and aesthetic. Thanks for your understanding!

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