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Mimi & August Reusable Candle 4oz

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An innovative idea that we really appreciate! Mimi & August has created a candle that is as zero waste as possible and whose container can be reused to the maximum, the Candle Cup! This means that once the candle is completely burned, wash it and it becomes your favorite cup of coffee and tea!

4oz size

Hand poured in Quebec, 100% vegan, biodegradable soy wax, non-toxic fragrance.


Eucalypto: Fresh, clean, minty and woody aroma. Relaxing and refreshing, inspired by a eucalyptus forest where you can relax all day.

Alpine: A perfect blend of greenery, balsam fir, cedar and eucalyptus for an extremely fresh scent with a hint of citrus. Calming and purifying, inspired by the freshness of the Alps, almost frozen mixed with the powerful scent of fir trees.

Topaz: A sophisticated and subtle scent, but well blended. Sandalwood, coconut and vanilla. Not too intense a scent, perfect for a small space like the bathroom or bedroom. Inspired by the champagne color of a Topaz gemstone.

Bohemia: An irresistible and well balanced blend of woody and spicy with notes of cedar, cinnamon, fig and sandalwood. Comforting, warm, inspired by the power of nature and long walks in the woods!

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