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EXCLUSIVE NEW FEATURE ✧ Add a video-audio message to your gift box

Add a pre-written note

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10% discount applied to the cart on any order of more than 10 boxes delivered to a single address until Jan 8, 2023.

Addition of a pre-written word on a premium card. French text on front, English on back. Please include the sender's name(s) to inform the recipient of the origin of the gift, which will be handwritten on the card.

If you'd like to include a note in a pretty greeting card without a pre-written text, please choose one here.

Here are the pre-written texts by author Stéphanie Gélinas:

Get well soon :

Get well soon to a brave, precious and much-appreciated person. Your absence is already being felt, can't wait to have you back! For now, take the time you need. Above all, don't give up! May this gift bring a touch of comfort to your day. With warmth, support and positive energy,

Thanks for your trust :

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. They say repetition is necessary to reinforce an idea! So, with heartfelt gratitude, thank you for the trust. It gives wings. It's the best form of recognition, the essential foundation for a successful collaboration - ours. And what if this is just the beginning?

For a difficult time:

Life has its ups and downs. It has its shadows and its light. I'd like to lighten the burden on your heart during this challenging period. I promise you, better days will come; the sun always shines behind the clouds! For now, let me offer you a thought that I hope will be a soothing balm for your heart. Never forget: your strength is immense and you have my support. With warmth,

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