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Ideal box for people seeking calm in their daily life.

We know the daily routine is hectic (that's a weak word, we know that 😬 ). Managing the kids through work, keeping the house clean, making time for family and friends. Whew! It's so easy to forget to take time for yourself to recharge your batteries.

We got you! Imagine a relaxation break under the scent of a hot bath with essential oils, the dancing smoke of incense... Or simply a minute break with a lavender-scented eye rest. We're almost there, aren't we?

This is the perfect gift for that busy person who never knows what to get, that friend who's had the rough end of the stick for a while or for you, because you're worth it.

We like the Calm box for :

  1. The calm brought by the dancing smoke of the incense
  2. The ritual roll-on for a minute relaxation break.

The Calm box contains:

Incense Sticks - Sunset, Baltic Club: Box of 15 high quality incense sticks made with the finest fragrant oils. The dancing white smoke transforms the atmosphere of a room in seconds. Handmade in Montreal. Accents : Bergamot / Golden Patchouli / Ylang Ylang. Burn time: 60+ min per stick.

Incense holder, Shop AC / DC: The perfect wooden incense holder to accompany the sticks, handmade to order for this box, in Gatineau.

Eye rest with washable hemp & organic cotton cover, Amma Therapy: Ideal for the savasana posture, the eye rest helps you relax and stay focused on your breathing. Its soft lavender scent enhances its calming and soothing effect. Although it is usually used at room temperature, the eye rest can also be used hot (prevents dry eyes, clears sinuses) or cold (relieves migraines and puffy eyes). The cover makes it easy to clean.

Dead Sea Salt Bath RELAX (big), Elucx: A mega favorite of our team. This Dead Sea Salt has been infused with pink clay, essential oils of Sandalwood, bergamot, clarified sage and organic rose petals to give you a RELAXING bath. Put a handful of this blend in your bath and let your body absorb all the minerals the Dead Sea has to offer.

Calm Bath Bomb, La Marcotterie: The epitome of calm with its lavender and cedar wood scent.

Boho Ritual Botanical Oil Roll-on, SELV: For a portable moment of meditation with the scent of clementine, grapefruit, lime and lemon. Roll directly on the skin of your wrists.

Sage calming stick, Le garde fleurs: We love Le garde fleurs' miniature bouquets, handmade by Rimouski florists. Among the benefits of sage are air purification, deodorization of the house and the evacuation of stress and negative energy.

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Sels de bain: Sel de la Mer Morte, Sel Epson, Sel Dendritique, Argile Rose, Pétales de Rose Biologique, et Mélange d’Huiles Essentielles.

Bombe de bain calme: sels d'Epsom, en fleurs de lavande et en huiles essentielles de lavande, d'eucalyptus et de bois de cèdre.

Roll-on Selv: Huile essentielle de clémentine, huile essentielle de citron, huile essentielle de lime, huile essentielle de pamplemousse, huile d'amande douce, huile d'argan, huile d’avocat, huile d’abricot, fragrance naturelle, écorces d'orange et vitamine E.

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