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Candies in a can Candi Pow

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Candies in a can, Candi Pow

A can that puts an end to compromise! Now you can enjoy your sweets in a whole new way, while enjoying all the same benefits of Snack Pow nuts; the exceptional freshness of these products is indisputable!


  • Sour Storm: Lovers of jujubes and sour candies, you're in for a treat with this concoction. Grab your umbrella and get ready, because this sweet storm can wreak havoc on your taste buds! 210g
  • Gummy bears: They're so cute! But be careful, they're too delicious to be kept without their cans for too long. You won't be able to live without them, that's a promise. 225g
  • Funky fruits: Add a touch of sweet madness to your day with this crazy fruit mix. The fruity sweetness that'll drive you crazy! 225g
  • Marine animals: Stuffed jujubes in the shape of sea animals are delectable. Clearly our favorite... Although... 225g

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