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Gluten and fat free.

Cocktail Mix (150g) by la Boîte à bonbons: Put them in your cocktails or eat them straight from the bag. These fruity candies taste like a holiday far, far away, but without the sand stuck in between your toes!

Super Sour Mix (150g) by la Boîte à bonbons: These beautifully shaped candies are super sour! Everyone will love them!

Sour Mix (150g) by la Boîte à bonbons: These are probably our ultimate favorite candies, we buy a pack per month (oopsie!). They have a very unique texture and they're super fruity!

Milk Shake Bears (150g) by la Boîte à bonbons: we just love these candies! They look so cute and they taste like a milkshake. Every color has a different taste too! You won't be able to put the bag down. ;)

Colorful Animals(150g) by la Boîte à bonbons: Cute and surprising colourful animals. They all look adorable and they all have their own unique taste for you to discover and enjoy! Pink flamingos, spiders, worms… try them all! Please note that each mix is unique and can vary from bag to bag.

Polar Bears (50g) by la Boîte à bonbons: 1% of every sale of these delicious Polar Bears candies will be donated to a polar bears protection program.

Sea Turtles (50g) by la Boîte à bonbons: Cute little turtles with a soft raspberry core! They taste incredible and they bring so much joy!

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Sans Gluten. Peut contenir des traces de noix et d'arachides. Sucres (Sirop de glucose, sucre), Eau, Gélatine, Acide citrique, Acide Lactique, Arômes Naturels, Cire d'abeilles, Cire de carnauba, jus de fruits ou de légumes concentrés, collorants.

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