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Cocktail Sirop/Tonic KWE 4oz

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Forest Tonic

Handcrafted from carefully selected ingredients, our forest tonic is made with a blend of northern spices with citrus and pepper aromas. We've also captured the essence of cedar, giving it a pleasant bitterness. With all these enveloping ingredients, our forest tonic will put a balm on your heart, summer or winter!

Cranberry & Fir

Quebec, this land rich in resources and traditions, gives us once again the chance to highlight another northern jewel: the cranberry. In our recipe, the juniper berry works together to bring a balanced touch of resin and tannins. Finally, the fir shoots release a sweet aroma that is as comforting as a fine boreal cotton candy.

Wild Mint

Ah, lime and mint! A sunny classic! Let your imagination run wild and rediscover the mojito in a new way, with a wild and herbal twist. Made with hand-picked wild mint, all prepared with love!


Forest Tonic: Water, Sugar, Orange Juice, Natural Essences, Quinine, Citric Acid

Cranberry & Fir Syrup: Sugar, Water, Cranberry juice, Fir sprouts, Juniper berries, Citric acid

Wild Mint Syrup : Water, Sugar, Lime, Wild Mint

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<div class="produit-ingredients" data-mce-fragment="1"><strong>Tonic Forestier&nbsp;:</strong> Eau, Sucre, Jus d’orange, Essences naturelles, Quinine, Acide citrique</div>
<div class="produit-ingredients" data-mce-fragment="1"><strong>Sirop Canneberge &amp; Sapin&nbsp;:</strong> Sucre, Eau, Jus de canneberge, Pousses de sapin, Baies de genièvre, Acide citrique</div>
<div class="produit-ingredients" data-mce-fragment="1"><strong>Sirop Menthe Sauvage&nbsp;:</strong> Eau, Sucre, Lime, Menthe sauvage</div>

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