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SELV Origine Ritual Immersive Kit (for pregnant women)

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The experience

A turnkey bath ritual with orange and violet. Infinity will soon bring baby and mom together. In the meantime, mom can take good care of herself with this immersive vegan, natural and made in Quebec kit.

SELV has thought of the pregnant woman, who wants to take a heavenly bath and take time for herself before taking care of the child she will bring into the world.


Just put all the items in the tub, besides the matches.

  • Do I put everything in my bath?

The ultimate goal of doing a bath ritual is to put all the items one by one, even our soy lanterns floating, and to make a wish, a request to the universe and take this time for you. Everything goes in your bath, except the matches, the Palo Santo stick (from the complementary kit WOOD) That you will keep out of the water.

  • How many baths could I take with an immersive kit?

You can take a bath and put everything in it to live the experience 100%. You will have incense matches or matches left for other uses.

You can also use a three-bath kit. Simply divide the sachet into three.

How do I pick up items after our bath?

Just bring a bowl before. Towards the end of your bath, calmly pick up the items with your hand, without stress. This is a way to end your experience. Live the gratitude for having had this beautiful bath ritual.

  • Will the smallest items clog my drain?

Items, such as lavender flowers, eucalyptus leaves and particles, will be soft and will not block your drain. These ingredients are organic and biodegradable, therefore safe for the environment.

  • How long will the kit stay good?

All the ingredients in the kit are good one year. Do not expose your kit to strong light or humidity and keep the inside of the sachet dry.


Himalayan pink salt, rosebuds, straw flowers, carnation flowers, lemons, oranges, limes and Ritual Origins botanical oil (almond oil, argan oil, avocado oil, apricot oil, sweet orange essential oil, violet essential oil and vitamin E).

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<span size="2">Sel rose de l'Himalaya, boutons de roses, fleurs de paille,&nbsp;fleurs d'oeillet, citrons, oranges, limes et l'</span>huile botanique Rituel Origine (Huile d'amande, huile d'argan, huile d’avocat, huile d’abricot, huile essentielle d'orange douce, huile essentielle de&nbsp;violette et vitamine E).

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