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Snack Pow - Mixed Nuts

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Satiating healthy snacks in a sealed, recyclable and resealable container that is easy to carry, and offers a colorful and attractive look. It's a unique experience, a new way to enjoy your favorite snacks without even getting your fingers dirty. You'll love it in your car, on your bike or on the go.

BBQ Peanuts, Snack Pow 200g: In addition to being an excellent source of energy, this smoky snack will remind you of a warm summer evening around the fire.

Salted Peanuts, Snack Pow, 200g: Satisfy your craving for something salty with these protein-rich peanuts.

Extreme Mix, Snack Pow, 200g: Our biggest, boldest blend. A surprise with every bite!

Sweet and Salty, Snack Pow, 200g: The snack that totally gets you. Jam-packed with salty nuts and sweet treats, it's everything you're craving in one can!

Trail Mix, Snack Pow, 200g: Hike or no hike, this mix bursting with tasty nuts and dried fruit will deliciously take you and your tastebuds as far as you want to go.

Chocolate Nut Mix, Snack Pow 200g: A classic mix that will satisfy your daily cravings. Just one handful of this delicious and perfectly balanced chocolate nut mix will satisfy young and old. Go ahead and snack guilt-free!

Salt and Vinegar Cashews, Snack Pow 175g
: In addition to being rich in iron, salt and vinegar lovers will be delighted by this unusual snack. A real treat in every bite!

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<p><span><strong>Arachides BBQ:&nbsp;</strong>Arachides, huile de soya ou de canola, sel, maltodextrine, glutamate monosodique, sucre, légumes déshydratés (oignon, ail, tomate), extrait d'épices, caramel, saveur de fumée, huile végétale et dioxyde de silicium (auxiliaires de fabrication). Peut contenir autres noix, lait, blé, gluten, oeufs, moutarde, sésame et sulfites.</span></p>
<p><span><meta charset="utf-8"> <strong>Arachides salées:&nbsp;</strong>Arachides, huile de soya ou de canola, sel&nbsp;de mer. Peut contenir autres noix, lait, blé, gluten, oeufs, moutarde, sésame et sulfites.</span></p>

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