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Cocooning Surprise Box

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10% discount applied to the cart on any order of more than 10 boxes delivered to a single address until Jan 8, 2023.

Perfect box for all the indecisive ones, those who like a good surprise, and for everyone who wants to find the perfect gift ASAP and be done with it!

Does it take you 45 minutes to choose which dish to order every time you dine out?

Everything looks delicious, you don't know what you're in the mood for, and your FOMO kicks in…

We get it. So much so that we've created this Cocooning Surprise Box (bath, beauty or bath-beauty), a fantastic 100% custom gift box curated by the Shop sisters themselves! No more hard choices for you! From now on, you tell us how much you want to spend, you tell us about any special requests that you might have, and we will create a custom, dreamy cocooning box, just for you! And all products are made in Canada! Ain't that great?

This gift is ideal for everyone who wants to find a great gift ASAP & no fuss, and for those who like surprises and great finds without having to commit to a monthly subscription.

They also make for a great farewell gift for a colleague who is leaving the team, or even as a sweet gesture to show them that you appreciate their hard work!

Would you rather get them a gift certificate? Yup, we got those as well!

We love our Cocooning Surprise Box because:

  1. You get to choose if you prefer a 100% bath box, a 100% beauty box or a mix of both!
  2. You get to relax right NOW! You found the perfect gift, no need to worry anymore! Phew!

How does the Cocooning Surprise Box work?

  1. Choose the value of the box that you wish to purchase.
  2. Leave us a note with any special requests or preferences which you may have (for example: include a candle, I love pink, I love chocolate, I don't take baths, I've got oily skin, etc.). Please note that we will do our very best but special requests are not guaranteed.
  3. We do the heavy lifting, curate every item and send the gift box right to the front door!

Example of items that may be included in your box (items vary depending on availability, value of the box and the time of the year):

  • Bath: bath bomb, bubble bath, bath salts, bath milk, soap, candle, body cream, washcloth, etc.
  • Beauty: lip gloss, nail polish, lipstick, face serum, hair & face mask, body butter, hair products, lip and face scrubs, shower gel, sleep mask, etc.
  • Decadent extras (special request): candies, caramel, chocolate.

Fast delivery in 48 to 72 hours! Yup!

You will be able to include a note in a nice greeting card or add a personalized note on a Shop moi ça card in your cart.

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