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Celebrating your employees' life events: A win-win gesture

Souligner les événements de vie de vos employés: Un geste gagnant-gagnant

David will soon be leaving for his 3rd parental leave, Liza is retiring next month, and Peter will become our most loyal employee with 25 years of service!

The impact of these events on the lives of the Davids, Lizas and Peters of this world is monumental! Their impact on your organization is just as considerable. Although they can create quite a headache from a management point of view, they deserve to be highlighted and celebrated in a big way, as well as enhancing your corporate culture!

Putting people first

One thing the pandemic has taught us as an organization is that we benefit from being conciliatory and humanistic in our management style. Our employees are the key to our success; without them, the machine can't run. Taking the time to recognize the small and big changes made by those we work with day after day is a great way of acknowledging their contribution. There are plenty of ways to celebrate, from a small token of appreciation from management or the team, to a major celebration, whether it's a birth, retirement, promotion, major move, wedding or remission.

Celebrating births

It's like being in the middle of a baby boom, much to the delight of the parents-to-be and those around them. Announcing a pregnancy can be a stressful time for an employee, knowing full well that this happy event has major repercussions for the employer! It's therefore a great opportunity to share the employee's happiness by celebrating the birth with a little attention. A beautiful personalized surprise box accompanied by a greeting card from the team will certainly have the desired effect.

Boîte de naissance Shop moi ça

The Behaviour Interactive team decided to take the concept a step further! This Montreal-based video game company approached us to assemble personalized birth boxes for them. The result is PERFECT: a Raplapla plush toy in the company's colors, a personalized card and unisex content; all packaged in a pretty gift box bearing the company's image! We're sure employees will be talking about it for a long time to come!

Cadeau de naissance - Behaviour Interactive

Marking retirement and career milestones

1 year, 5 years, 10 years, 20 years of career; that deserves to be highlighted in BIG! And what about retirement? The possibilities are endless for recognizing these great career milestones: a celebration at the office? A gift sent home? A personalized note from management? A bonus or unexpected time off? The options are endless!

We especially love working on these kinds of gift box projects. With a nice company sticker and a special mention for the number of years of service, it's a gift that's sure to be appreciated!

Cadeau de reconnaissance

For retirees, we particularly like to prepare customized gift boxes with contents that reflect the interests of the future retiree: A plantable card and a hand-painted insulating glass for the gardening enthusiast; a gourmet box for the foodie; a cocktail box for the person who never misses a happy hour; or a Southern box for the person who'll be spending her retirement in the warmth.

Summer vacation and back-to-school time

The period from June to September is, year after year, a 4-month period of upheaval, when routines are adjusted, projects are often put on pause, and we have to deal with changes, as a result of the children! It's the perfect opportunity to mark the summer vacations by wishing employees a good rest in anticipation of a new school year full of projects! Our South at Home - Caribbean box was particularly popular this summer, offering the perfect contents for a trip to the South from the backyard, at home!

Boîte Caraibes - Voyage dans le Sud

For Hybride, the summer vacations were the perfect opportunity to highlight the special year the students had experienced in the context of the pandemic. Their idea: Give students a box full of Quebec discoveries to mark the end of classes and congratulate them on their resilience throughout the year! A project we LOVED developing with them!

Boîte vacances d'été

Offering gentleness for grief, speedy recovery and remission

Some events are more difficult to talk about... like mourning and illness. But ignoring them can make them even more difficult for those going through them. A simple greeting card with words of encouragement or a small gift filled with wellness products can make a huge difference to employees during these difficult times. Feeling the support of their employer or team will take an unnecessary weight off their shoulders, and they'll know that you're listening to their needs.

Boîte bien-être - Shop moi ça

Whatever the occasion, we can all benefit from taking the time to recognize their impact on our colleagues and employees. It's a win-win investment that will have a positive impact on both people and the organization!

For all your recognition projects and celebrations, contact us so we can give you our suggestions!

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