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Celebrating the audacity of women entrepreneurs in Canada

Célébrons l'audace et l'entrepreneuriat féminin au Québec

Women changing the game: Meet the Canadian entrepreneurs who inspire us!

👋 This is Lissa, Roxanne and Frédérique, the three women who run Shop moi ça.

We're very fortunate to collaborate on a daily basis with extraordinary women, real fighters, Canadian entrepreneurs, who teach us a lesson in courage, determination and passion. These women don't just run businesses; they create, inspire and change the world in their own way, one local product at a time.

Through these short portraits, we'd like to introduce you to some of the incredible people who make things happen, and who, by the way, are collaborators in our network of valued local suppliers. Because behind every magnificent product we offer, there's a story, a woman, a dream. And that's the beauty of it!

Besides inspiring you (we hope!), we also want to throw you a challenge:

What if you were to become more conscious in your consumer choices, by favoring companies run by local women? Come and join us on this wonderful adventure, and discover the women who make us say WOW every day!

Savannah Tardif, Be-U Cosmetics

Why Savannah inspires us:

With Be U cosmetics, Savannah shows us that customization isn't just a detail; it's a passion! Her love of made-to-measure inspires us every day.

What is Be-U Cosmetics: The company doesn't offer a panoply of ready-made products, but allows you to create, with them, the ideal product for your unique skin, by formulating products according to the results of your diagnosis.

Visit her website

Maggy-Nadyne Lamarche, Beke bobo

Why Maggy-Nadyne inspires us:

Maggy-Nadyne is the very definition of resilience. Despite her health challenges, she continues to inspire with courage and determination. A role model of a fighting entrepreneur!

What is Béké bobo: A parent's best friend! These anti-inflammatory bags designed to relieve aches and pains in the form of therapeutic plush are a must-have.

Visit her website

Marilyne Bouchard, BKIND

Why Marilyne inspires us:

Marilyne and BKIND embody the perfect balance between ethics and aesthetics. Its eco-responsible values remind us that beauty can also be good for the planet.

What is BKIND: Their high-quality, vegan, non-animal-tested products that are safe for the environment have made their way into Canadian women's favorites, including their famous non-toxic nail polishes.

Visit her website

Juliette Brun, Juliette et Chocolat

Why Juliette inspires us:

Juliette has opened the doors to her world with sincerity, sharing the challenges of the entrepreneurial world. She makes us see beyond success, with refreshing authenticity.

What is Juliette et Chocolat: A chocolate lover's paradise! Juliette & Chocolat started out as a restaurant-chocolaterie specializing in decadent desserts. Now you can find beautiful chocolate sweets in boutiques to enjoy at home.

Visit her website

Marie-Michelle and Tania, flambette

Why Marie-Michelle and Tania inspire us:

The duo behind flambette, Marie-Michelle and Tania, teach us the art of beauty and "feel-good". Their aesthetic sense and the experience surrounding their products are a true inspiration.

What is flambette: The flambette experience is a promise to enjoy the time; crackling candles (for real) with 100% natural soy wax, scented products and more. The fragrances are simply bewitching.

Visit their website

Kim Wiseman, kanel.

Why Kim inspires us:

Kim transforms spices into works of art with Kanel. Her innovative approach and compostable packaging show us that taste can also be beautiful and eco-responsible.

What is kanel: A blend for every meal. Kanel makes perfectly balanced salts and spice blends using real, top-quality ingredients. Without stuffing, it's the first time you've tasted flavors that are so real, so straightforward! Using great flavors from around the world, their all-natural blends contain no preservatives, fillers or artificial flavors.

Visit her website

Melanie and Tisha, MINI TIPI

Why Melanie and Tisha inspire us:

With Mini Tipi, they celebrate native talent while sharing their admirable journey. Their commitment to authenticity, roots and quality is inspiring.

What is MINI TIPI: They became famous for their warm blankets with patterns and fabrics guided by their Canadian and Aboriginal heritage. Their products are beautiful yet practical and of exceptional quality. All their products are designed, cut and sewn in Canada.

Visit their website

Élodie Marcotte, La Marcotterie

Why Élodie inspires us:

From engineer to wellness creator, Elodie proves with La Marcotterie that changing careers can lead to an authentic passion for natural beauty.

What is La Marcotterie: The team is dedicated to developing French-inspired, 100% natural skincare products. We love their creations, which are minimalist and modest, using natural, skin-nourishing ingredients.

Visit her website

Mariane, Audrey and Marie, Les Mauvaises Herbes

Why Mariane, Audrey and Marie inspire us:

With Les Mauvaises Herbes, the trio of Mariane, Audrey and Marie break codes. Their transparency, closeness to their community and creativity are a breath of fresh air.

What is Les Mauvaises Herbes: Invite nature into your home. Dive in with them and make your own body & household care products, or opt for their botanical cosmetics and eco-friendly products.

Visit their website

Sarah Laroche, SELV

Why Sarah inspires us:

Sarah has revolutionized the art of bathing with Selv, combining wellness rituals with respect for the environment. Her creations invite you on an eco-responsible sensory journey. A breath of fresh air for our routines.

What is SELV: SELV offers products for bath, shower, body, mind and daily rituals. Slow, Me Time and self-care moments for ourselves and others.

Visit her website

Andréanne Marquis, Sans-façon cosmétiques

Why Andréanne inspires us:

The founder of Womance and Sans-façon is making her mark among the most inspiring young female entrepreneurs by getting back to basics with thoughtful, flapless and glamorous products. What's important: product quality.

What is Sans-façon cosmetics: For Sans-façon, the role of cosmetics is to highlight the beauty that's already there, with a range of quality vegan skincare products, made in Canada.

Visit her website

How are YOU contributing to the growth of women entrepreneurs in Quebec?

It's together, by making conscious choices and celebrating our differences, that we create a brighter future for all.

So the next time you are shopping, think local, think girl power, think of the impact you can have.

Together, let's make Canada's women entrepreneurs shine!

- Lissa, Roxanne and Frédérique, Shop moi ça

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