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EXCLUSIVE NEW FEATURE ✧ Add a video-audio message to your gift box

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Make your gifts unforgettable with Shop moi ça's new personalization options

Rendez vos cadeaux inoubliables avec les nouvelles options de personnalisation chez Shop moi ça

At Shop moi ça, we've always had a soft spot for surprises that stand out. That's why we're unveiling two new personalization options that will revolutionize the way you give gifts, making each one an unforgettable experience.

The Video-Audio Message Option: An Emotional Connection Just a Click Away

Have you ever imagined your gift could speak? That's almost what we're proposing. With the option of adding a video or audio message, your boxes will deliver a video or audio message you've recorded especially for the recipient. Imagine the surprise and joy of your loved ones as they discover not just a box filled with local products but also your virtual message, as warm and personal as if you were there with them.

We're quite proud to be the first company in Quebec to offer video/audio messages with our boxes – because to us, the gift experience is just as important as the contents.

How Does It Work? The process is simple:

  1. Select the "Add a Video-Audio Message" option to your cart and proceed to payment.
  2. Record your message using the link received by email (or the confirmation of your order on screen), a crucial step in personalizing your gift.
  3. Our workshop team will receive confirmation of your recorded message and prepare your order by adding the beautiful card inside the box. Your package will leave our workshop only once we have received confirmation of your video-audio message recording.
  4. The gift recipient will scan the QR code and enter the code to access their message. Hello, WOW gift experience!

For Days Without Inspiration: The Pre-Written Message

We know that sometimes, finding the right words can be difficult. That's why we're also introducing the option to add a pre-written message, hand-signed on a luxurious card. Whether you wish to offer a heartfelt thank you, a swift recovery, or simply brighten someone's day, our carefully crafted messages by the talented copywriter Stéphanie Gélinas are here to help you convey your feelings with elegance and authenticity. And because we think of everything, the messages can be signed by an individual, a group, or a company.

Why opt for these new personalization options?

At Shop moi ça, we believe that the experience of unwrapping a gift should be as special as the products it contains. These new personalization options are our way of enhancing this experience, creating lasting memories, and ensuring your gifts are always received with a moved smile and a touched heart.

By offering a video, audio, or pre-written message with your gift, you're giving more than just a box of products: you're offering a moment, an emotion, a real connection that will make this gesture unforgettable.

We're proud to be the first in Quebec to offer these video/audio message options with our gift boxes. This innovation underscores our commitment to not only providing quality products but also unique gift experiences that leave a deep emotional imprint.

Ready to Try?

It's easy! On your next purchase on our online shop, choose one of these personalization options and follow the indicated steps. You know us; we'll take care of the rest, ensuring that your gift, filled with local products and a personal touch, reaches your loved ones, ready to create a WOW effect.

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