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5 common mistakes to avoid for corporate gifts

Les 5 erreurs courantes à éviter pour les cadeaux corporatifs

In our years of experience in corporate gift management at Shop moi ça, we've seen it all, from last-minute requests for impromptu gifts to over-promotional gift ensembles that are anything but "sensational".

Shop moi ça comes to the rescue of Canadian companies, large and small, with a few solutions to help you avoid these common mistakes... and maximize the surprise factor of your corporate gifts!

1 - Waiting until the last minute

It's no coincidence that this is the first point on the list. The most common mistake is waiting until the last minute. Although gift providers like Shop moi ça can often work wonders when it comes to preparing impactful gifts on short notice, last-minute deadlines limit them in proposing content. They may have to turn to workshop inventory or opt for a limited repertoire of products and suppliers, forcing them to consider product substitutions or even emergency fees. And of course, it's a lot of stress for everyone.

If a SME wants to outsource corporate gift management, the complete lead time can range from a few days (ready-to-deliver options) to a normal lead time of 2 to 3 weeks from payment receipt for customized content. It's always recommended to start the process as early as possible to have the maximum product possibilities and peace of mind knowing that your gift project is taken care of from A to Z. Many corporate gift companies, like Shop moi ça, even offer interesting incentives to companies that plan early for their holiday gifts.

2 - Not knowing your audience

We've all received a gift that seemed impersonal, improvised, or sometimes outright offensive due to lack of attention. While the intention to give a gift may be good, the overall experience can have the opposite effect.

This is where your insight and good knowledge come into play: it's up to you to play detective and gather relevant information about the people who will receive the attention. The more information you have about the habits and preferences of your target audience, the more conducive the ideation of the theme and content will be to offer a personalized experience that will be remembered for a long time. Isn't that the goal? To offer THE gift that stands out?

For example, your holiday gifts could be intended for a variety of profiles: millennials who love to have fun, high-level executives, factory employees, administrative staff... and many more! Understanding the characteristics and persona of the recipients will allow you to adapt the concept and hit the mark by offering a unique and creative gift that reflects them and sends the right message on your behalf.



3 - Remaining in a bubble

A bubble? That's common jargon for saying that the company and its departments internalize, work in silos, not communicating with each other to ensure a consistent corporate gift experience.

It is essential to communicate with your colleagues or leaders to ensure that the message and brand image are consistent and relevant. Corporate gifts, whether for employees or external partners, must align with the HR marketing strategy and the company's culture. What if human resources needs to find creative ways to recruit and retain employees? Or the sales team has a list of potential clients they absolutely want to sign? It's best to adopt a common effort to meet the needs and save on bulk purchases while aligning all ongoing initiatives for consistency.

Rally your colleagues and leaders around a recurring corporate gift program to unite your forces and make it a great success, no matter the department concerned!

4 - Branding on everything

Forget the eternal pens, plastic bottles, or logo beanies for your next corporate gifts.

Your logo and branding are relevant for promotional items, but not for a recognition gift or a thank-you gift. The client will feel like you're trying to sell them something, or your employee will feel that it's more about promoting the company than acknowledging their contribution to the company.

You need to aim for the perfect balance between a memorable gift experience and reminding them of your brand image. Opt for customizations that are subtle (and practical) but impactful on the brand, or focus on content in your company's colors.

Whether it's decorative stickers to personalize the outside of the box, greeting cards, or colored ribbons, there are plenty of beautiful options to add personalized elements to gifts without being too intrusive.

Shop moi ça even offers the option of a personalized video from the greeting card. And if it's essential for you to put your logo on a durable item, we remain tasteful so that your coffee mug is proudly displayed on the kitchen counter, not in the trash. Offering a personalized item complementary to the rest of the content will have a much more significant impact than a set of promotional items that often gather dust.

5 - Not giving them an experience

At Shop moi ça, our philosophy on gifts focuses on the experience. This translates in two ways: one is thinking about what the recipient will feel when they first open the gift box, the unboxing experience that goes from careful packaging to color palettes to the scents that emanate from it. The other is opting for thoughtful, useful, and versatile content that will be useful, durable, and appreciated.

That's why we encourage companies to think about a particular theme, conducive to an experience around the gift itself. A bag of pancakes, maple syrup, jams, coffee, and a personalized Spotify playlist may seem like a simple combination of products, but in reality, it's a family brunch experience to offer! You can even encourage sharing the experience in photos on your company's social networks by challenging employees to make a pancake in a particular shape, for example.

The theme you want to propose with your gifts deserves thought, as it is a great opportunity to contextualize the gift and push the experience further. We even suggest establishing themes in a consistent series to offer recurring gifts to retain your employees and stand out as an employer brand.

Shop moi ça is your ally for impactful, delightful, and 100% Canadian corporate gifts. And a stress-free experience.

You've explored all the existing options. Eager for original inspirations to stand out and gifts that will (really) please, you're wondering: what now?

This time, delegate the management of your corporate gifts by offering a 100% Canadian gift box, with 1,000 possible themes, for all occasions and for all humans. Even the most difficult and those to whom you never know what to give will be surprised by the experience offered.

Because with Shop Moi Ça, no one pretends to be happy with a gift, and gifts never end up at the bottom of the closet.

Look no further: from conception to delivery across Canada, enjoy a stress-free turnkey service.

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