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2021 Trends for kids stocking stuffers

Tendances 2021 pour remplir le bas de Noël des enfants

FALALALA-LA-LA, the most exciting time of the year is almost here! The holiday season is always a long time coming in our family. The excitement is at its peak on the morning of December 25th to find out what's in our Christmas stockings, just thinking about it makes me excited!

We suggest gifts made in Canada, that fit well in the children's Christmas stocking, for less than $10.

Good to know: All of the items mentioned in this article can be found in our Fill Your Stocking section for kids. These are products that we have chosen carefully and that we really like. We can clearly say that your little ones will appreciate these little gifts, having tested them with our 2, 3 and 5 year olds.

Games and activities

Every year, a new product captures the attention of young people. The craze of the moment? It's the pop-pushers! Attractive, evolving and soothing, we love them for what they are, both a sensory and educational toy for the little ones. And a proven tool for calming down or concentration for the older ones.

Our kids love the coloring activities on Julie Cossette Studio's website. Julie is very generous with the content of her newsletter, but all the real treasures can be found on her online store.

And if we're carrying on about coloring, Lissa highly recommends the Christmas set by PiCO Tatoo which includes temporary tattoo sheets and Christmas coloring.

For your little princesses, she suggests the Repositionable Sticker Set by Amy Lou. Hours and hours of fun dressing up dolls to color!

We fell in love with kits of hidden activities to be unveiled with the magic acetate from Zimo Message, which is known for its fabric fortune cookies. There are indoor and outdoor versions and a little birdie told us that a winter version will be unveiled. A very original activity, perfect for those blizzard days when you need to come up with last minute ideas!

idées activités pour enfants pour noel

Unicorn everything

The unicorn fashion is not going away... and we totally agree! Who doesn't like to have a touch of magic in their life? For the little ones (and the big ones too, we won't deny it), we suggest the delicious pink unicorn hot chocolate from Gourmet du Village. You can make it into an activity to decorate it. Each bag makes a cup of PINK hot chocolate mix, rapido presto!

Another great affordable idea: fun unicorn stickers from Pico Tatoo to congratulate your little ones' good deeds. At the low price of $1.50, it's easy to add 1, 2 or 3 packs of these to a Christmas stocking!

A very practical gift that will delight parents as much as children: the Jululu Unicorn Zipper Friend, a zipper that will help independent little ones tie their coat independently. Ideal for the inevitable "I can do it myself" phase, it will help children become independent when getting dressed and will make your daily life easier.

Bath time can also be magical for little ones! Inspired by the world of unicorns, we love the colors and especially the candy scent of the magic potion made by Bombe et potion magique de licorne. This scented bath powder colors and produces effervescence on contact with water in addition to making a light bath foam. 

You can also make bath time funny with a solid hydrating unicorn fart-scented bubble bath from MeloBulle. Because we all know that a unicorn fart smells like fruit candy!

idées cadeaux licorne pour enfant 

Bath time

It's possible to make bath time fun for the little ones with these 100% Canadian discoveries:

No child (or adult) will be indifferent to Caprice & Co's Miamm Mini Bath Bombs. These little colorful cereal-shaped bath bombs make bath water colorful... but the best part is that they actually smell like Fruit Loops!

Lune d'avoine's chunky
are one of our favorite items to add to cocooning bath boxes. Effervescent cubes to make colorful masterpieces in the minis' bath and a magical fruity smell!

Our kids also love Tout Naturellement's bath modeling soap, a malleable soap that gives your child a lot of pleasure while washing!

To add a touch of holiday magic to the bath, we opt for these pretty holiday bath bombs from Lune d'avoine, in the shape of a reindeer, a tree or Santa Claus. Another favorite: this creamy candy cane hot chocolate effervescent powder.

idées cadeaux pour le bain enfant noel

Sugar... in limited quantities ;)

What child doesn't love sweet treats! The problem here is not dosing the sugar, but for adults to hold back on repeated sampling.

This famous maple cotton candy is made with local grade A maple syrup. Seriously, having tried several, this is THE best. We love using it to decorate cupcakes or hot chocolate with the kids.

To keep kids quiet while watching a good movie, Roxanne suggests the famous Maple popcorn. Made in Quebec with 100% local maple syrup. To be enjoyed without guilt.

Candy bags are perfect for a sweet addition to the Christmas stocking... for young and not-so-young! You can find the freshest, made in Canada, at C'est bonbon, Squish or Kandju. No need to look any further, we've tried them all... many times!

And to decorate the tree, a ornamental ball filled with jelly beans to hang on the Christmas tree. After enjoying the treats, you can add a photo or souvenir to hang on the tree. Unicorn, mermaid, dragon or dinosaur, there is a theme that will please everyone!

gateries sucrées pour le bas de noel

Useful items to give

The Ola Bamboo children's toothbrush is one of Lissa's favorites of the year, mom of 3 little girls. In addition to being pretty, bamboo is said to have natural antimicrobial properties.

To keep little feet warm, Roxanne recommends a pair of Chandail de Loup's wool socks. They are warm and comfortable to wear around the house or to offer extra protection from the cold on those cold Canadian winter days.

Convenient for lunchboxes or road trips, Lissa suggests the Pois et moi isothermal bottle for kids that keeps liquids hot or cold for up to 6 hours. They are so pretty with their locally made illustrations! For the younger ones, she suggests Jululu's adjustable silicone lids that turn any glass into a cup in no time. Convenient to have in the diaper bag, at home, at grandma & grandpa's, EVERYWHERE!

idées de cadeaux utiles pour enfants

Let's doll up

You'll love the non-toxic nail polishes for kids from Petit nombril. In bright colors, these polishes are "10-free", vegan and not tested on animals so they are totally safe for children's mini nails.


That being said, don't hesitate to contact us directly if you have any questions or would like more guidance, we know our stuff!

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