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Gift Guide 2021: Give the best of Canadian gifts... for everyone!

Guide Cadeaux 2021: Offrir le Québec en cadeau… à tout le monde !

Always the same puzzle: What to give to everyone this year for Christmas? No way to opt for gift cards available at the convenience store... We want reactions, we want to spoil, we want to WOW! Since shopping and local products are our specialty, we facilitate your holiday shopping with a list of local gift ideas to offer to each person on your list!

For mom... and dad or grandma and grandpa

cadeaux de noel pour maman papa ou mami papi

Mom and dad own everything, buy everything and we've already bought them every fun idea imaginable... It's not easy! Why not opt for a personalized item or for a product that can be eaten, to surprise them!

La Marcotterie's body and face soaps

They are wonderful, soft on the skin, beautiful, smell good and are made by a young mother from our region! Élodie Marcotte, the super mom behind La Marcotterie offers gift boxes of her creations as well as various wellness items. We love them and you will find them here and there in our cocooning surprise box, in the Me-Time box and in the Cottage Life box.

The customized hammer from Rabot D. Bois

We can already see the little tears of love rolling down Grandpa's face when he receives this hammer with the inscription "Best grandpa" on the handle (text to be personalized)! It's an affordable (only $26.95!) and beautiful gift that he will treasure in his garage.

The Brunch Box

Dorint grandparents will be happy with this one! A Brunch box to enjoy on a beautiful morning when you have a sweet tooth!

To spoil the man of our life

cadeaux de noel pour chum conjoint

We love our man, we spoil him in a thousand and one ways, so here are some great ideas:

The bearded boyfriend

He'll be happy to discover Produits Apothicaire's beard products, which offer beautiful shaving kits already assembled.

The cocktail enthusiast

He will love the Celebration box for its variety of Canadian products to discover and enjoy. To complete the set, add his favorite bottle from Air Distillerie or a set of 4 whiskey stones from Lithologie.

The man is always in the kitchen cooking his specialty?

Why not introduce him to some of the province's sauces and spices... a great selection is offered in the Chef's Special box! You can accompany the box with a personalized board from Rabot D. Bois, or the Lithologie cooking stone (a mega wow)!

The boyfriend is an eternal foodie?

What's that saying about "The true way to a man's heart is through his stomach"? Have him discover local chocolate shops or opt for a Gourmet box or a Brunch box to maximize the discoveries.

For our brother, father-in-law, brother-in-law

cadeaux de noel pour frère beau-père beau-frère

Another tricky one! Let's remain in the fun and original local discoveries.

Beer lover?

The Forester box will make her happy with its trio of beer soaps, the beer sausage and the hand-painted insulating glass by Pero. Personally, we love the hemp cap from Maison d'herbes.

Rather easy to please?

A pair of wool socks from Chandail de Loup, a Hooké or Poches et fils sweater or a cell phone case from KaseMe will certainly make him happy!

For a teenage girl

cadeaux de noel Pour une ado

Here are some others that are fun to spoil and surprise. All you have to do is offer them beautiful products so that they can take care of themselves and that you have gained a few smiles and - maybe - a tidy room!

  • The Mimi & August candles are perfect: They smell great in addition to looking great on Instagram story! ;)
  • The Girls Night box is also a great all-purpose option. Products to share with her BFF at the next girls' night out or a box to have a mommy-daughter sleepover in front of a Netflix series!
  • Or a nice set of Baltic Club's beautiful notebooks and pens, enough to make her bunch of friends jealous in class.

For the little ones

Ahhh it's fun to see them with bright eyes as they approach any gift! To keep surprising them, we've got a ton of great ideas at low prices in our 2021 Trends Guide to fill kids' Christmas stockings.

For our girlfriends

cadeaux de noel pour amies de filles

Over time, our true good friends are more often than not counted on the fingers of one hand.

  • A nod to the last trip to the beach made in group or duo with the Beach at Home box that will remind you of the Caribbean. A Spotify playlist is even included to set the mood!
  • Or a nice trip to a Nordic spa in the region for a well-deserved day of self-care. In the Outaouais region, we suggest an outing to the Nordik Spa, the largest in North America, or a detour to the Huma Spa on the roof, which offers a whole new experience without leaving the city. If you don't have the time to take such a long getaway, we suggest the Nordic Spa box, which will offer a relaxing break at home.

For new parents

cadeaux de noel Pour de jeunes parents

  • It's easy: The Espresso Box! When you have young children, you are likely to be sleep deprived! The Espresso Box is perfect for any coffee lover. It won't go to waste and will transform the house with its latte-like aroma!
  • Or, give them a keepsake box to store the children's most precious memories or the Moments ancrés childhood book.

For the person who has everything... or almost everything

cadeau de noel Pour la personne qui a tout

That person who has everything! We bet she won't say no to adding a touch of textile to her decor or lifestyle... the MINI TIPI blanket is perfect. Pretty, neutral, warm and versatile! Perfect for warming up in front of the fireplace, decorating the corner of the living room, or hanging out in the trunk of the car for those outdoor trips. Plus, it's a purchase that encourages Canadian native artisans in addition to the two women owners who care about recognizing their native roots.

For the (virtual) gift exchange at the office

cadeaux d'echange de noel

The key word: all-purpose! We don't always know the preferences of all our colleagues, so we try to have several items at low prices that anyone will appreciate.

We suggest a gourmet box that will please everyone! After all, who would say no to a profusion of treats!

For the surprise gift exchange at a party

While we're on the subject of surprises, we suggest the surprise cocooning box! A thousand and one products to discover, carefully selected and packaged to offer the ultimate discovery experience!

To celebrate the end of the year 2021

Let's start the festivities with the black and gold Celebration box that reminds us of New Year's Eve parties and the accomplishments of the past year! Cheers! A great option for corporate gifts and for those who have everything.

Do not hesitate to contact us directly if you have any questions or would like more guidance, we know our stuff!

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