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The history behind the Shop

Being sisters means always having an accomplice, never being alone, and the unique opportunity of having a friend for life! In 2018, we decided to follow our passions for shopping, local products and the joy of finding the perfect gifts and we started our own business, Shop moi ça!


We've always been the ones in charge of figuring out the perfect group gift, finding something for that difficult cousin or for that sweet uncle that has everything already, for the pregnant colleague… yup, we're that kind of girls! We put our heart in everything we do, we love shopping, we know all the hot new local artisans and we absolutely adore surprising everyone with a thoughtful personalized gift.

The sisters behind the Shop

Towards the end of my second maternity leave (I am now the lucky mother of three incredible girls) I started to feel an itch: I needed a new project! I was one again tasked with finding a group gift, and my husband jokingly said: "Well, that's your project! You love shopping, you love making people happy, you should make it your new business!" To be honest, I almost found it insulting, as if shopping was my only passion and all I cared about. I let it go and went out… and went for a bit of shopping (duh)... and I couldn't get his words out of my head! I had to speak with my sister IMMEDIATELY! So I texted her: "Sis! You're coming for dinner tomorrow. We need to talk, I found us a new project!" It took her a whole 2 seconds to reply: "GO! We're doing it" without even knowing what I had in mind!

And here we are, two years late, at the head of a business that we absolutely adooooore. We do what we love, we get to help a great number of local businesses and we share our discoveries with all of you! Always bursting with new ideas, we're constantly on the hunt for new business and artisans that sweep us off our feet. IT was only a matter of time before we took the next, obvious step.... Starting a BLOG!

The Moore sisters - Lissa Moore and Roxanne Moore - co-owners of Shop moi ça.

...but what about the name Shop moi ça?

Well, that's a great question! Our dear auntie Sandra would always send us on haunting missions for the perfect gift and she would always say in French "Shop-moi donc ça, là!", which roughly translates to "Shop me that, would you?". And it definitely fits our mission! Thanks, auntie San!

Happy reading! We hope you enjoy our discoveries as much as we do!