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Perfect gift box for that one person that you never know what to get for or a corporate gift!

Are you looking for a gift for an employee, a colleague, a niece or a neighbor that you don't know too well? Hard to say if they have more of a sweet or a savory tooth? Yeah, it's hard for us as well, sometimes!

And, quite frankly, many of us like both!

This is the perfect gift for that one person we never know what to buy for, or for someone that you don't really know well. Everyone will love this box, friends, colleagues and employees!

Did you know that blue is the most popular color for corporate logos?

That's why we've carefully assembled blue-wrapped gourmet treats, perfect for a corporate gift that looks like it was tailor-made for an SME! Something to sweeten the hearts of your valued employees with a gift that's quickly shipped (within 24-72 working hours)!

Want to add a couple of sweet options? Check these out!

We love our Azur Box because:

  1. It's the perfect balance of sweet and savory. Take the chocolate-caramel-peanut brittle, for example: pure bliss in a bag!
  2. The freshest nuts and candies you'll ever eat.

Our Azur Box features:

Chocolate-caramel brittle with salted peanuts, Juliette & chocolat: Crunchy shards of hard caramel smothered in Belgian 33% cocoa milk chocolate full of roasted salted peanuts. To make these slivers, slabs of Breton caramel are baked to be hard and crunchy, left to set before being coated with milk chocolate and salted peanuts embedded in the chocolate. The result: a sweet and salty snack, crunchy and melting, and absolutely delicious!

70% dark chocolate bar with fleur de sel 50g, Rochef (Outaouais) : Handmade chocolate bar with the finest ingredients. Crafted with passion by a Gatineau master chocolatier, you won't be able to resist!

Hot chocolate with milk chocolate by SÜK: Classic and mocha blend! Cocoa, chocolate, and a bit of organic cane sugar for a rich and creamy taste. Real beauty is in the simplest things, and it's oh so comforting!

Jujubes Mix by la Boîte à bonbons (150g): can't say no to candies? Well, you're gonna love these: the cream of the crop of Canadian sour candies!

Salt and vinegar cashews 175g, Snack Pow: In addition to being rich in iron, salt and vinegar lovers will be delighted by this unusual snack. A real treat in every bite!

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<p><strong>Caramel fleur de sel:</strong> Sucres (glucose, cassonade, lait condensé sucré, mélasse de fantaisie), Beurre salé, Eau, Fleur de sel.</p>
<p><meta charset="utf-8"><strong>Bretzels sans gluten enrobés de chocolat noir de Rochef:&nbsp;</strong></p>

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