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Ideal box for those who fuel up on coffee.

Is the first thing on your mind in the morning your coffee? Is your excitement on your remote working days to get your afternoon caffeine fix?

If the answers to these questions are: definitely or Hallelujah, then here is THE best gift for any self-respecting coffee addict: the Espresso Gift Box (or Happiness in a Box, whichever).

Would you rather give it as a gift? Spoil your colleagues and friends too, and give them everything a coffee lover craves, coffee!

You'll only have to hope that the box makes its way to the recipient because the smell is irresistible! Not only will you enjoy coffee sweets, but your next coffee will be even more satisfying with a new blend to discover. You can even add almond lattes!

Feel like making a cup of coffee? We get it.

We love the Espresso box for :

  1. Discovering a multitude of products and savoring them slowly!
  2. The house smells great all day long with the soy candle.

The Espresso box includes:

Chocolate covered coffee beans, Barista: Coffee and chocolate lovers? This caffeinated treat is for you! Delicious Barista coffee beans, coated with tasty chocolate prepared by Amango cacao in Quebec, what more could you ask for! A perfect little treat for a perfectly caffeinated snack! May contain nuts.

Coffee caramel 40ml, La lichée : Well, we won't hide it. Your choice is simple. If you're a coffee lover like us, you don't have to look far. Hop in the basket.

Cafecito 5.5oz reusable candle, Mimi & August: Slightly sweet and spicy, this coffee fragrance will remind you of your favorite coffee. You can cut back on your coffee or, on the contrary, it will give you even more of the taste of freshly brewed coffee!

Wooden Spoon, ACDC Shop: This spoon will become part of your daily routine to brew your delicious coffee or brew your favorite comfort drinks.

Coffee Bean Caramel Bar, Dinette Nationale: The perfect balance of sugar, cream, butter, fleur de sel, coffee beans and vanilla beans. Share with friends (or eat alone in a closet with the door closed)!

You can enjoy your bar in three ways -

  1. On a cheese board with nuts, fresh fruit.
  2. At the end of the meal - instead of a cake that is too big, too sweet - a small board, a few tablets, a few knives, a glass of scotch.
  3. Full on, like a chocolate bar.

La Sève 12oz Bag of Filter Coffee, Nektar: The richness of sweet flavors - This espresso blend is Nektar's best seller thanks to its notes of caramelized nuts and milk chocolate. An easy to like espresso with no bitterness. Smooth, not too full-bodied, slightly bold.

You will have in the cup a nice texture; it is created to give a lot of crema. The natural coffee of Brazil brings us the texture for the crema, the caramelized sugar and the chocolate.

Origin: Brazil and Colombia

Cultivar: Varied blend

Tasting notes : Nuts - Caramel - Chocolate - Creamy

You will be able to include a note in a nice greeting card or add a personalized note on a Shop me card in your cart.

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<p><strong>Caramel au café:</strong> Sucres (glucose, sucre, lait condensé sucré, mélasse de fantaisie)<br data-mce-fragment="1">Beurre salé,&nbsp;Eau,&nbsp;Café,&nbsp;Sel.</p>
<p><meta charset="utf-8"><b data-mce-fragment="1">Grains de café enrobés de chocolat: </b>Chocolat noir 74% (fèves de cacao, sucre, beurre de cacao), grains de café torréfiés. Peut contenir des noix.</p>
<p><strong>Tablette de caramel Grains de café:&nbsp;</strong>Sucre de canne bio, crème épaisse (crème épaisse, lait écrémé, carraghénine), beurre (crème, arôme naturel), eau, grain de café moulu torréfié, fleur de sel, gousse de vanille.</p>

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