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What to offer for Administrative Professionals Day

Boite gourmande produits locaux pour la Semaine du personnel de soutien administratif

Is one of the most important business dates missing from your office calendar? April 26 is Administrative Professionals Day. And it's fast approaching!

It's the perfect opportunity to reinforce assistant/receptionist commitment by recognizing those superheroes who make sure the business runs smoothly, unnoticed and often without getting the credit. But this occasion can be a headache for some: what to give, to whom, and how much to spend. In many offices, assistants are often the ones who know the answers to these questions.

Here's the Shop moi ça team to the rescue with tips and some of our best gift ideas to help show your appreciation to those who make your daily life easier.

What to give - and what not to give - to your administrative staff:

Set a minimum budget of $50

The average price of a gift for Administrative Professionals Day is $50. For a dedicated executive assistant who only cares about you, a minimum gift of $100 is in line with expectations (budget increases with seniority). Conversely, to reward a receptionist or other part-time administrative staff member, a gift worth $40 is considered appropriate. For team gifts, you need to treat everyone equally in terms of value. You can personalize the content, but the budget must be equal for everyone.

Avoid items bearing the company logo

According to a recent study, employees who received logoed items as gifts were 20% less likely to feel appreciated than employees who received non-logoed gifts. Employees (and your customers, for that matter) see them more as a marketing tool than a gift. In fact, only 15% of business gift recipients agree that logoed items "make them feel special".

Write or record a personalized message

A personally addressed video or written message is actually the most important element of your gift. Set your gift apart by following these simple steps:

  1. Personalize the note with their first name
  2. Thank the person for a special service they've done for you
  3. Tell them why you're giving this gift
  4. People remember stories, not objects, so tie your gift to a story they'll remember.

Consider this opportunity to celebrate all your employees

Particularly if you didn't take advantage of Employee Appreciation Day in March, you could use this opportunity to "celebrate co-workers" and give everyone a small gift to say "I appreciate you" or "we appreciate you". By doing this, you can use the occasion to boost employee commitment and morale without reinforcing hierarchies.

cadeau semaine du personnel administratif

Local gift ideas for Administrative Support Staff Week, April 21-27, 2024

Perfect gifts to enhance office life

The Espresso box, ideal for those who love coffee, the Maple, Gourmet Azur or Cravings box for mid-day energy boost, or even the Sunbeam Delight box for a sunny sweet break.

boite cadeau café produits locaux

The Work from Home box, a teleworking box where comfort and productivity meet.

boite cadeau télétravail

Gifts that show you care

Is your employee the go-to source for new Netflix series at the office? The Box Office box is sure to please! If, on the other hand, this person is known as the instigator of office happy hours, the Happy Hour box promises some great gourmet Canadian discoveries.

produits locaux happy hour

Looking for a unique gift?

Do you have specific criteria for the perfect gift for that office superhero? Our solution: the surprise box! All you have to do is choose the value, enter any special requests or preferences, and we'll create the par-fai-te box for you!

boite cadeau surprise produits québécois

Our 100% Canadian favorites for thanking employees

We had so many great discoveries to share with you that we created a collection dedicated to Administrative Professionals Day.

Looking for custom corporate boxes, with or without personalization?

We can do that too! Fill in the following form and Lissa will contact you with a creative proposal.

boite cadeau corporative sur mesure produis québécois

We hope you've enjoyed this overview. All gifts in our online store are offered with fast (and often free) delivery within Canada, with the option of adding a video message or a handwritten card with the message of your choice.

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